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Author Topic: TEXAS VETERAN TUITION Update  (Read 6930 times)

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« on: November 15, 2009, 01:43:56 am »
      The Hazlewood Act provides qualified veterans, spouses, and children with an education benefit of up to 150 hours of tuition and fee exemptions at state supported colleges or universities. Effective with the fall 2009 term/semester, in order to be eligible to receive a Hazlewood Act Exemption, a veteran must:
•   Have been a Texas resident upon entry into the military, entered the service in the State of Texas, or declared Texas as his or her home of record;
•   Have a military discharge of honorable or general, under honorable conditions;
•   Served at least 181 days of active duty service (excluding training);
•   Not be in default on an education loan made or guaranteed by the State of Texas and not in default on a federal loan if that default is the reason the student cannot use his or her federal veterans’ benefits. 

For Additional information and requirements refer to Hazlewood Act: Frequently Asked Questions at  The awards are available only for use at a Texas public college or university. To access listings of Texas public colleges and universities, refer to  the Texas Institutions of Higher Education site and select any of the schools listed under the Texas Public Institutions. Note that the schools listed under Independent Institutions do NOT qualify for Hazlewood Exemptions. Effective 19 JUN 09 Senate Bill 93 of the 81st Texas Legislative authorized new provisions which remove certain residency restrictions, extend eligibility to spouses, and permit eligible veterans to assign their unused hours to their child. These new provisions are known as the "Hazelwood Legacy Act". To be eligible, the child must:
•   Be a Texas resident,
•   Be the biological child, stepchild, adopted child, or claimed as a dependent in the current or previous tax year,
•   Be 25 years or younger on the first day of the semester or term for which the exemption is claimed (unless granted an extension due to a qualifying illness or debilitating condition), and
•   Make satisfactory academic progress in a degree, certificate, or continuing education program as determined by the institution.
•   If a child to whom hours have been delegated fails to use all of the assigned hours, a veteran may re-assign the unused hours that are available to another dependent child.

       Eligible veterans, their children and spouses may receive an exemption from the payment of all tuition, dues, fees, and other required charges, including fees for correspondence courses, but excluding deposit fees, student service fees, and any fees or charges for books, lodging, board, or clothing for up to 150 semester credit hours. Funds may be used to pay tuition for continuing education classes for which the college receives no state tax support only if the governing board has approved this benefit. To use Hazlewood benefits or to transfer unused benefits to an eligible child, applicants must complete an application/release form and turn it into your college's Financial Aid Office or Veterans Services Office. Forms are available on-line at "College for All Texans: Exemptions for Texas Veterans"  Forms that you will need to complete, as applicable to your situation are:
•   HE-V App Packet for Veterans Who Have Never Used the Exemption
•   HE-D App Packet for Eligible Children and Spouses Who Have Never Used the Exemption
•   HE-P App Packet for Previous Exemption Recipients (Veterans, Children, and Spouses)
•   TUHH App Packet for the Transfer of Unused Hours to Eligible Child
•   HE-T App Packet for A Child Who Has Received Transferred Hours
 Your application (and your child's form) must be accomplished by the following items:
•   Veterans must provide proof (DD214) from the Department of Defense regarding their military service and nature of discharge.
•   Both veterans and dependents must also provide proof of eligibility or ineligibility for GI/Montgomery benefits (Chapter 33/Post 911) by requesting an education benefits letter from the VA office in Muskogee, OK at (888)-442-4551 or
•   Most recent Federal income tax return as proof that your child is claimed as a dependent of yours.
•   Dependents must provide proof from Dept of Defense or from Veterans Administration regarding parent's death or disability related to service.
•   Both groups should contact their college financial aid office regarding their status on prior federal student loans made or guaranteed by the State of Texas. [Source:  Texas Veterans Commission Nov 09 ++]
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