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Author Topic: VFW on Google+ Places  (Read 4092 times)

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VFW on Google+ Places
« on: June 05, 2012, 11:14:05 am »
As of today Google has integrated their Google Places with Google+.  You might be asking, "why does this concern me?", I hate Google+.  Aside from the fact that Google+ has its shortcomings, you should be concerned with the information that is available about your post.  For example, I searched VFW in Greensboro, NC.  I was surprised when only one of the three posts in Greensboro even showed up in the results.  I clicked on that post and the pic below is what came up.


You'll notice a couple of things about this listing: 

1) The website address is  Did you know that years ago, National went through and listed all the VFW posts in Google Maps.  And put in as the website for EVERY SINGLE VFW POST in the country?  Now ask yourself, how many potential visitors has your post lost because you didn't update the listing? 

2) Is the map correct?  I've worked with a couple of posts on their listings over the past year or two and about half of them had an incorrect location on the map.  With the proliferation of folks using maps on their mobile phones, it's imperative that you correct any mistakes on the mapping. 

3) Overall image.  If I were to pull up this listing on my phone, would I want to go there?  No pictures, no life.  Give the visitors a reason to come to your website.  You don't have to put up a ton of stuff, but a few photos and some basic information about your post will help.

4) These listings get indexed by Google.  Do I need to say that again?  These listings get indexed by the Google search engine!!!  If you want people to find you, you had better be listed in Google.

5) Google+ isn't huge right now, but it continues to grow.  As more and more folks get frustrated with Facebook, many will turn to Google+.  Will you be ready for them?  Google is making it easy for your information to be accessible from almost anywhere, and easy for folks to share socially.  Make sure your potential members can find you. 

6) Click the "Manage this Page" link on your post listing to get started.

Here's a few short videos on the new Places integration with Google+


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Re: VFW on Google+ Places
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2012, 07:34:38 pm »
I just cant seem to fathom Google+.  I am totally lost each day when I visit.  I hope some of the  rest of you are more successful than I.
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