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Title: need help
Post by: blade0202 on July 17, 2007, 10:52:58 pm
Charles Morpeth
I was in Iraq from 11- 2004 to 02-2006, during my deployment in theater. I was a Gunner for a convoys escort team to help to get supplies to other bases, during this time I was almost blown up by IEDís lucky the vehicle in the front and back too all damage, I was cut a little by debree, on the cheek. Then there were other thing I seen and done, Wile in Iraq we had to were heavey arored vest, cary m16, I also carried M9 and had a 50 cal plus ammo, which I set our vehicle up with, on top of that we had 7 magazines full of 5.56 shells plus my 3 magazine with 9 mil bullets to cary. And on missions I had to stand or sit on a leather strap in the turret and the turret had a crank so you can move it in a 360% circle, wile not on missions we had sand bags we filled and put them around the pods, the Army had hired Iraqís  to do there sand bags. My back was hurting so
I went to the Medic, and they gave me a profile and some meds. The next day I complained abbot pain in my left elbow and I got another profile not to exceed 20lbs, they told me to TC or are a driver which would evaluate the pain. When I reached Camp Shelby Mississippi and explained them what happened and they gave me meds and VA was there to fill out paperwork for injured soldiers, well when I got back home I used VA medical because I had no medical, well they did an MRI on my back and said within normal limits but by now I developed Psoriasisí all over, Left elbow still hurt lots pain, went for Physical therapy for a month but the back still hurt. After a year and I got rated by VA I was ask to got brain trauma for returning OIF soldiers, and the doctor said I know why I need that canine for walking and I said why? Well he turned the screen on the computer and showed me a 3d diagram of my spine, and he said the lower disk had a bulge or herniated and the two above had no white stuff that acts like a cushion for the disks. I said the the doctor said it must be mechanical and that doctor said it was not and the info they wrote the first time was wrong. So he said he would correct the problem of normal back as was written. It affects the nerves down to the hip and lower leg, sometimes itís hard for me to get out of bed with out the wife to help. And the cane is because sometimes my leg will give out. So Va told me I could no longer be a mechanic, which
I did in the Military and civilian world, I sighed up for VOC Rehab to start a new career in the Computer business were I donít have to use my back and such. So I grotto Baker Collage, and I was Diagnosed with PTSD and short term memory loss. On the Guard Side they told me I am going to have to do a medical retirement, I have 15years in and I was going to sigh up for a bonus for the next 5 years but that wont happen because my disability, and I just donít know the future only thing I know is in 2008 I will have a degree in web Design, and probably work for a company making web pages or work for myself.   
Title: Re: need help
Post by: IJK3770 on July 17, 2007, 11:42:33 pm
  Your post title stated you needed help but your message didn't say what you needed help with.  How may we help you?  We are on your side and someone here may know how to find the answers for you but please state what you need help with.  Is the VA treating you okay?