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Author Topic: Does your DD-214 have a bad Spin Code  (Read 4038 times)

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Does your DD-214 have a bad Spin Code
« on: January 15, 2008, 03:05:53 am »
SPIN CODE LAWSUIT:   This case was originally filed in the
 US District Court, Northern District of New York, Syracuse
 and aspects of it are still being litigated. The lawsuit
 began in MAR 76 when Edwin Cosby with an Honorable Discharge
 discovered he had a bad "Spin Code" (i.e. Separation
 Program Number). Unknown to him and most other veterans beginning
 11 JUN 56 under D.O.D. Instruction 1336.3 DOD ordered the
 military departments to begin putting a coded number on the
 main employment reference document of veterans. This
 document known as the DD-214 is often by employers of veterans
 seeking employment and benefits.  DoD prepares eight or more
 copies of a veteranís DD-214 of which copy one goes to the
 veteran and others are eventually sent to State Adjutant
 General, VA Data Processing Center, Austin, TX. State
 Director Selective Service, and National Military Records Center,
 St. Louis MO.  At a congressional hearing in 1974 DoD told
 Congress that only a couple hundred thousand documents had
 a code number and the "SPN" coding system would be
 stopped. However, in 1972, DoD started changing their "SPN" system
 to the "SPD" (separation program designator) and by 1977
 nearly 20 million veterans with Honorable Discharges had a
 coded number. Congress subsequently attempted to pass a law
 regarding the use of the coded numbers; however, this
 failed to pass.

     Numerous major corporations have admitted to having
 the codes and use them in their employment decisions
 regarding veterans.  Banks, life insurance companies, State
 Government & Federal Government Agencies have them as well.  Lists
 of the codes were sent to FAA, (federal aviation admin.),
 HUD, (housing & urban development), and Office Personnel
 Management. Even on an Honorable discharge, a "Spin Codeî can
 hurt a veteran's chance of being hired by a prospective
 employer, obtaining a loan, and/or obtaining insurance.  A
 few examples of spin codes and their meanings are:
SPN 258 - Unfitness, multiple reasons
SPN 263 - Bedwetter
SPN 41A - Apathy, lack of interest
SPN 41E - Obesity
SPN 46C - Apathy / Obesity
SPN 463 - Paranoid personality

     A complete listing of spin codes can be found at Veterans can
 request a new DD 214 with the spin codes removed. If you were in
 the US Army, written requests for having a SPN code removed
 from your DD 214 (Report of Separation from Active Duty)
 or earlier discharge papers, should be sent to: Commander,
 Reserve Components Personnel & Administrative Center, Box
 12479, Ollivette Branch, St. Louis, MO 63132. 

Additional information on this subject is available at  which contains a 90 minute
 video on the subject. 
[Source: Veteranís Forum 9 Jan 07 and Ed Crosby ++]
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