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Author Topic: Reserve Retirement Age UPDATE  (Read 15311 times)

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Reserve Retirement Age UPDATE
« on: January 15, 2008, 02:52:32 am »
 The President issued a pocket veto of the defense bill just after Christmas
 because of an unrelated provision about lawsuits against the
 current Iraq government. Lawmakers are expected to resolve this
 issue and resubmit it for the President's signature within
 the next few weeks. The vetoed legislation included
 language sponsored by Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) that lowers
 the reserve retirement age below age 60 by three months for
 each cumulative 90 days of active duty served on
 "contingency operation" orders. The activation orders, whether
 involuntary or not, must indicate a contingency operation. The
 activated member need not be deployed to qualify. Reservists
 could retire as early as age 50 with 10 years' qualifying
 active duty service, if otherwise qualified for a reserve
 retirement. The pending change, however, is prospective
 only. That means only active duty service after the date the
 defense bill is signed into law (hopefully, later this month)
 will be credited toward reducing the retirement age. A
 second concern is that reservists who qualify under the new
 law to retire before age 60 would not be entitled to TRICARE
 until they reach age 60.

     The new retirement upgrade doesn't go far enough. But
 it's at least a first-ever beachhead on this issue. Now
 that Congress has explicitly recognized the obsolescence of a
 retirement system built 50 years ago for a different force
 and the Cold War, members of the Military Coalition (TMC)
 should pursue more comprehensive reform until it's achieved.
 The next step is to make the "90 days retirement credit
 for 90 days active service" change retroactive to cover
 active service in the post-911 era. Since then, more than
 600,000 Guard and Reserve warriors have served contingency
 operation active duty. More than 142,000 have served multiple

     While Congress contemplates a remedy for the current
 National Defense Authorization bill, Representative Joe
 Wilson (R-SC) has taken a preemptive measure to address reserve
 retirement pay. Wilson has introduced H.R. 4930 a bill
 that would make the early reserve retirement pay language of
 NDAA Section 647 retroactive to September 11, 2001. The
 legislation would count any aggregate of 90 days of qualifying
 service performed in any fiscal year after 911 toward
 reducing the 60-year eligibility age by three months. Proposals
 that would simply change the reserve retirement age from 60
 to 55, including H.R. 690 (Rep. Jim Saxton, R-NJ) and S.
 1243 (Sen. John Kerry, D-MA), are also still in play. But
 it's more likely in the future that Congress will tie
 additional service, including operational service, to any broad
 plan to lower the reserve retirement age. Such proposals need
 to include TRICARE eligibility. It makes no sense to
 provide access to TRICARE (TRICARE Reserve Select) for Selected
 Reserve families and then cut off that coverage for "gray
 area" and other pre-age 60 reserve retirees. The evolution
 of the reserve forces from a strategic to an operational
 role means more service on active duty, more time away from
 home, and diminished civilian career prospects. Now that
 Congress has begun to recognize these realities, it's time for
 more aggressive steps by the military community in
 communicating with their legislators to improve the reserve
 retirement system. 
[Source: NGAUS LEGIT & MOAA Leg Up 11 Jan 08
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Re: Reserve Retirement Age UPDATE
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2008, 02:35:45 pm »
Does anyone have an update as to retirement change?
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Re: Reserve Retirement Age UPDATE
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2008, 04:24:39 pm »
The day after you go to sleep for the last time I think.