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Author Topic: VOD/PP  (Read 4797 times)

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« on: March 02, 2016, 04:58:40 pm »
Lately I have come to the conclusion that far too much time, energy, money and effort is applied to the Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen Programs.  It takes many hours of volunteers time and far too much of our needed funds to maintain the programs at the post level.  And that does not even begin to touch the wasted resources at District. Dept or National levels. What real benefit do these programs bring any post or veteran?
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« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2016, 09:24:19 pm »
At my Post the VOD is sponsored and chaired by both the Post and Auxiliary.
One or both Co-chairman coordinate with the English Teachers of two schools.  The same schools and teachers are used every year and recognized at the Awards Dinner. The teachers explain the program, the potential reward of money from the VFW and greater rewards in being a winner and competing at higher levels.
The greatest VFW work (man hours) comes in reading the PP compositions and listening to the VOD recordings.
I suppose some teachers could be asked to evaluate and grade their students compositions 1-10 and leave the final decision to the VFW Chairmen.
It's just a matter of maximizing time and resources (people, energy, money), repeating what has worked previous years and trying something else that didn't.

Oh yeah, at the end of each year, every Chairman should be required to submit a SOP for DUMMIES/After Action Report for their Committee Program, (VOD, PP, Ave of Flags, Safety, BINGO, Fireworks Sales, Youth Activities, Honor Guard, Publicity, Independence Day Parade, Children's Christmas Party, etc). It would consist of a summary and diary of what was done including OUTLINE, Dates, Time, Resources, Identification of Committee members, Contact information of Supporters (teachers, Principal), Press Releases, Names of Participants, Judges, Expenses, Award Ceremony preparation). etc.
It should not be necessary to Re-Invent the Wheel every year and when there is a change of Chairmen.  This SOP/Report is like a Football Coaches Play Book that is updated and improved every year identifying what works, what didn't and what needs improvement.
Having a SOP on every Post & Aux Program will reduce frustration, wasted time, finances, and man-hours. Why make things more difficult.
THIS WORKS.  when I retired from being CPT of the Honor Guard, I did not have to train or school my replacement.  The transition was smooth.
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